Optimise your lending & risk operations

Lend Decision is an Australia-built software-as-a-service engine that integrates with your existing infrastructure and streamlines the cost of your development life-cycle. Our data-driven, cloud-based decisioning software helps you make smarter, faster decisions via a single API call and is scalable to your business.

Lend Decision
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First-Party Data Collection

Design application forms integrated with the data providers of your choice for seamless collection.

Icon configure

Define your product matrix, credit rules and pricing.

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Connect and easily submit data for processing with our two-way APIs.

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Learn how likely a client will be approved with LendScore. Automatic business profiling and analysis of credit worthiness.

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View the results of our proprietary financial and risk data analysis.

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Lend Decision

Real-time decisions and auto approvals based on your rules.

Lend Decision keys

Gain access to Lend Decision