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The amortisation schedule for your equipment finance will be shown above. Enter or update the finance details in the calculator fields to see the schedule.

Our equipment finance calculator will show you the monthly repayment amount, including the interest and principle portions payable over the term of the equipment loan.

Leasing equipment can be cheaper than purchasing it outright. Most equipment finance terms are between one and five years and you have the option of leasing new equipment when the term is up, or paying the residue value (the value of the equipment at the end of the term) and keeping the equipment.

Our equipment finance tool will help you decide if you should lease or purchase. Start by entering the full purchase price in the loan amount field, this is the amount you wish to finance (after any deposit or trade in). Next enter the term you wish to lease the equipment for, in months. Finally enter the annual interest rate and then tap Calculate to see monthly and yearly amortisation schedules for your equipment lease.

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